Archetypal was an exhibition about a new perspective on the skateboarding and interior design worlds. The exhibition name self-explains the nature of the concept it represents.
Many architects published an uncountable number of reflections and studies about the connection between skateboarding and architecture. Nevertheless, nobody expressed any sort of reflection connected to interior design.
Summarizing, there are mainly two opinions formed on skaters. They either ruin the structures they skate on, or they see those in a different and more complex way, becoming the ultimate users of architectural structures.
Therefore, as an architect you have mainly two choices. Or you’re going to make those structures ‘unskateable’; either you embrace skater’s point of view, looking at shapes, volumes and textures with a broader angle.
This project is a statement, raising a critical thought about skaters vs architecture dilemma. It aims to give a new perspective and a new aesthetic to the interior design process, in relation to skateboarding and a unusual taste.
Playfulness and provocative aesthetics are key elements of the constantly changing skaters subculture. This, is here translated with the experimentation of materials, taste, re-use of different cultures and ages elements, but seen in a more contemporary key.